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How to Connect Catalyx and Koinly
How to Connect Catalyx and Koinly

Simplify your tax reporting with the help of Catalyx & Koinly. Get Started for FREE!

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How to connect Catalyx with Koinly

Catalyx pairs with Koinly through a CSV file import to make reporting your crypto taxes easy. Once connected, Koinly becomes the ultimate Catalyx tax tool.

How? Koinly will calculate your Catalyx taxes based on your location AND generate your EOFY tax report, all within 20 minutes!

All you’ll need to do at tax time is download your Catalyx tax statement from Koinly and file it with your local tax authority. Done!

How to import your Catalyx tax report CSV file to Koinly

On Catalyx:

1. From your Catalyx account select Dashboard or Trade History.

2. Select Export at the top of the Completed Orders table.

3. Filter the csv file to the year you are filing your taxes for.

4. Then click on the “Go to Koinly” button.

On Koinly

1. Sign up or login into Koinly and head to Wallets.

2. Add a new wallet: Catalyx.

3. Select CSV Upload.

4. Upload all of your relevant Catalyx CSV statements to Koinly

How do I check that my Catalyx import is accurate?

Koinly has an awesome help section, packed full of great articles all about their most common queries, as well as some not so common ones.

More information specific to our Catalyx users and this process, can be found here.

If you can’t see the answer, you’re looking for in their help section, head over to their online community where you’ll find plenty of discussions on everything related to Koinly. Still stuck? Need help, contact Koinly directly.

For further assistance, you can also reach out to Catalyx directly.

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