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Catalyx Now Offers Crypto Credit Card Purchases!
Catalyx Now Offers Crypto Credit Card Purchases!

How to purchase Crypto with a Credit Card

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Catalyx now offers the ability to Buy Crypto using your credit card!

To do so:

  • Please sign into your Catalyx account and click on the "Buy Now with Credit Card" prompt, (located on the right hand side of your Dashboard).

  • Select where you would like the Cryptocurrency to be deposited to, once the trade has filled. There are 2 options available for you:

    • Your Catalyx Wallet

    • Or an External Wallet of your choosing

  • Now select whether you would like to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) by selecting from the drop-down options available under your specified wallet choice.

  • You will now enter the amount of Cryptocurrency (BTC or ETH) that you would like to buy. You have the option of entering by amount of Crypto or amount in CAD that you would like to spend.

  • Once you have validated the amount, making note of the fee, select Checkout

  • You will now enter your Credit Card number, as well as the month and year of expiry.

    • You can select the "Save card" option to save your credit card information for future use or click Continue to proceed.

  • A Summary screen will present itself, please be sure to confirm all the details of the transaction. Once everything is confirmed, you can continue to proceed.

  • Enter the CVV where indicated, and tick on the box agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of the trade.

  • Now that you are ready to proceed, click on the "Buy Now" button.

  • The trade will now process

  • Should they require a verification code be entered in order to continue, please follow the prompts presented on the screen in order to do this.

  • Once you are presented with the screen stating- “"Transaction in Progress"- When the transaction is completed, we will prepare a delivery of your purchase to the address provided. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] It is safe to close this window”. You can then close the browser window.


  • Why must I enter a verification code?

    • Some financial institutions require you to validate the transaction to ensure the purchase request is processed by the cardholder of the Visa/Mastercard.

  • Why did my Payment Fail?

    • Some financial institutions in Canada do not allow purchases of Cryptocurrency via Credit cards this unfortunately is beyond our control.

  • If my payment failed, what can I do?

    • You can try using a different credit card from a different financial institution

  • I was prompted to "Go take a Video Selfie", which I did, but it is not capturing the video was completed, what should I do?

    • Please email us, and we will have this corrected for you

  • I have questions regarding the fees I was charged, or the status of my order

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