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Corporate Account Registration Process
Corporate Account Registration Process

How to Register for a Corporate Account with Catalyx

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Catalyx offers two types of accounts, Personal and Corporate. 

If you are trading on behalf of an organization (e.g. a Corporation, Partnership, Sole Proprietor, or an Unincorporated Association, or self-employed business), you can register for a Corporate account.  

To open a Corporate Account with Catalyx, you must already have a personal account created, and have had your Identification verified. 

We recommend that should you not have a personal account verified as of yet, you should submit that information first, so that we can begin verifying your personal information, while you are preparing all the required documentation, detailed below, for your Corporate Account opening. 


Q1. What is the cost to open a Corporate account? 

Catalyx does not charge a fee to open a personal or corporate account. 

Q2. How long does the approval process take?

Properly submitted requests, are usually approved within 2-5 business days.

Q3. How do I request to open a Corporate account?

The Owner/President of the business MUST register for a personal Catalyx Account first. 

Once they have been fully verified, they will submit an email to [email protected] in the subject line state: Corporate Account Registration

Within the email they must include the following: 

  • Full Registered Entity/Business Name: as well as DBA name, if required.

  • Business Address: Must be a physical address, Not a PO Box

  • Business Contact Email

  • Business Website

  • Business Phone Number

  • Document showing the breakdown of Business Ownership: if required, dependent on business structure. 

  • Purpose of Business: If the Corporate Catalyx account will support any buying or selling of cryptocurrency directly for others, online or in-person, you must state this. For example, you must include if any aspect of your business supports (or intends to) cryptocurrency brokerage, ATMs, retail stores, or online digital exchange. 

  • A Bank-Issued document confirming your business bank account details- this can include your bank account opening agreement, a voided cheque, or a letter from your Business Banking Advisor 

  • ALL Business Registration Documents: pertinent to your business type, as outlined in the chart below.

  • A copy of your Schedule 50- If applicable

  • A copy of the Shared Registry for your Company- Should there be more than one registered owner, we require a signed letter of acknowledgment, confirming they are aware and agree to the opening of a corporate account with Catalyx. The letter should also include a photocopy of their Identification.

For Self Employed Businesses:
Should you be self employed, and not have registered as a business, due to yearly income earnings, please advise us of this. Should you have registered as a business, please upload your business registration documents. 

Please note you are NOT required to have a separate account for your business unless, you wish to separate your personal and business earnings or have a bank account listed under the name of your business, that you wish to use to purchase Cryptocurrency with. 

Once all your information and documentation has been received, Catalyx will begin the verification process.

Q4. Why must I include a bank issued document confirming my company bank account details?

This information is required to whitelist your bank account(s) for same-day deposits and withdrawals. Please feel free to redact any balances, transactions, or other personal data. 

Q5. What information must be included in the bank issued document?

We require a document confirming the account ownership, as well as the following bank account details:

- Bank name, Bank address, Account name, Account number, Bank routing number (ABA), or SWIFT code.

Acceptable documentation must be issued by your bank, (e.g. The account opening documentation- which includes all of the information required above, and/or a letter from your financial institution/financial advisor).

 Q5. Can I whitelist more than one bank account?

You can whitelist more than one bank account if you so choose. 

Appropriate documentation (outlined above), must be provided for each separate bank account.

*Please Note: Additional Documentation may be required at the time your application is reviewed by a Catalyx Representative. 

Once your account has been verified, you will be advised via email and informed when your account will be enabled for trading.

Should you still have questions after reading this article, please email [email protected].


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